Patna Half Marathon is being organised to celebrate the 50 years of Victory in 1971 war with Pakistan.

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ADDRESS:   Gandhi Maidan, Patna


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Our Purpose

The Patna Half Marathon has been conceptualized by Department of Prohibition (Bihar Government) to spread the good aspects of prohibition. By involving the masses in these celebrations, we will foster pride in state achievements
The event also aims to promote Patna, the beautiful and historical city to the rest of the world, and to support Nasha Mukt Samaj Abhiyan.


Run to celebrate 1971 Indo-Pak victory and stand tall with Indian Army.

By joining our group, you get to experience 100% unforgettable moments.

Nothing makes you feel more free and independent as running open road.

Regular running helps you stay fit and healthy no matter what.

Fresh air and early morning marathon running sure can cure almost anything.

Inspire others with your stories and promote bihar on the global map.

Running Categories

  • Half Marathon- Victory Run
    • $ 100 monthly
    • Distance : 21.095 km

      Participants : Male & Female

      Min-Age : 18 years  as of 27th Nov  2022

  • Timed 10K - Freedom Run
    • 1000 Offer Price : ₹ 700
    • Distance : 10 km

      Participants : Male & Female

      Min-Age : 14 years as of 27th Nov  2022

  • 5 Kms – Celebration Run
    • 750 Offer Price : ₹ 500
    • Distance : 05 km

      Participants : Male & Female

      Min-Age : 6 years & above as of 27th Nov  2022

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